Stills / Young Tribute 
Growing up in California I was really exposed to the California-West Coast sounds. And that included
The work of Stephen Stills and Neil Young… it became part of my DNA…the rich sounds of well written and performed songs, enriched by great playing on those old Martin guitars they both used. Man, what a sound they got on them live and in the studio. So I started listening to some of those performances from the late 60’s and early 70’s on Youtube. That lead me to learning some of their songs, and I found it
challenging and fun as hell. So to test myself I put together a show , A Celebration of the Acoustic Songs of Stephen Stills and Neil Young. I been doing this show in America and Europe , and it’s been an amazing experience, for me and the audience .  I do it out of complete respect to these two artists. I do it for the challenge. I do it to keep great songs alive. I do it for that Martin guitar sound....and mostly I do it because it’s fun as hell !!!  Wait… I think I already said that!