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Mike Beck is an engaging acoustic solo artist who regularly performs in the United States and Europe. He is a regularly featured performer at The National Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. Mike has seven albums under his belt with original songs that have been recognized as some of the finest compositions on Western Americana out there.


The Western Horseman magazine recently picked "The 13 Best Cowboy Songs," and included two compositions by Mike, putting him along side other writers such as Ian Tyson, Tom Russell, Lucinda Williams, and Gene Autry.

I've got 2 new singles out. One is my love song to one of the most amazing and mysterious places in the west, Nevada. It's called "Nevada Is King "

It's up on all the streaming services, and click below to watch the video that goes along with the song.

My other single is a tribute to all the gals out there who surf, and go after it with joy and passion. It's called "Woman In The Waves" It's also out on all the streaming services. I'll post a link to the video that goes with it Down below.....

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