California/Montana/Vermont in June.

Hey there ! I had a great tour through the Northwest.. did some house concerts , festival, and a horsemanship clinic. Started in Genoa Nevada with a sold out show with Tom Russell.... and then I followed the trail to Elko, up to Oregon, then more North to Washington and back down through western Oregon and Northern California. I want to thanks all who came to the shows and a big thanks you to those folks who hosted the house concerts. All of them a fun and special.... Thanks !!

June finds me back out on the road again.... here's a quick list of where I'll be , and if you need more details about each show just click on the shows and tour tab... it's all there. I look forward to seeing you out there !

June 9th-Berkeley, California

June 10th-Davis , California

June 16th-18th, Horse Clinic and Concert-Waterbury, Vermont

June 23rd- Emigrant, Montana

June 24th-Lavina, Montana

June 28th-Bozeman, Montana

July 1st-Clover Valley, Nevada

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