Mike Beck is an engaging acoustic solo artist who regularly performs in the United States and Europe. He is a regularly featured performer at The National Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. Mike has seven albums under his belt with original songs that have been recognized as some of the finest compositions on Western Americana out there.


The Western Horseman magazine recently picked "The 13 Best Cowboy Songs," and included two compositions by Mike, putting him along side other writers such as Ian Tyson, Tom Russell, Lucinda Williams, and Gene Autry.

His strong command of the guitar and playing reminiscent of Steven Stills, sets him apart in a way that has garnered him many request for guitar workshops at festivals. Mike is a seasoned performer — his guitar work and warm, genuine style engages audiences with his songs and stories.


According to Ramblin' Jack Elliot, "Mike Beck plays the guitar like a Byrd. His strings do things that mine could never do. They obey the slightest finger-touch commands like a fine Reining Horse."

"Mike Beck is one of those writers with the cowboy in his heart. His songs are filled with braided rawhide and mission bells..... Listen up, friend!"                                                                           Tom Russell

"Mike's plowing new ground. He's not re-recording the old Hollywood matinee music from the 30's and 40's. You've got to have focus and keep producing good stuff. I think he walks that.... he's better than all those newer western guys."                                        Ian Tyson

"Mike plays the guitar like a Byrd. His strings do things that mine never could do. They obey the slightest finger-touch commands like a fine reining horse."                                        Ramblin' Jack Elliott

"California -based Mike Beck sings and writes about the West. Mike's songs often evoke the language and characters of the old West. IN OLD CALIFORNIA with a gut-string guitar lead like that of Marty Robbins' EL PASO; the waltz VAQUERO  about how urban sprawl has devoured the west ; ROPIN' TO DO about the joy of the work ; and the celebratory rocking LIFE OF A BUCKAROO- they all spring from the fount of real experience. Beck is a winsome singer, writer and player."                                                                 Sing Out Magazine

"Would you go , way out west with me? "Mike Beck sings, and that's where he takes listeners... Beck is himself a working cowboy, and his choices in both original and cover tunes are driven by that. Beck's lyrical vision of the West.... he does have a distinct viewpoint and style."                                                                     Dirty Linen Magazine

Mike Beck ACOUSTIC poster
Mike and Ramblin Jack Elliott

Photo: David Glover and Tam Tam

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Mike Beck ACOUSTIC poster